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Episode 9: The Most Powerful Book on Abundance

May 5, 2021

Host: Drew Canole


On today’s show we dive deep into what to do if you’re struggling making money, or attracting abundance in your life in any area, this is the show you’ve been waiting for. 

Drew leads you down the rabbit hold of some of his best books, that have not only transformed his life, but the life of his company Organifi, and the thousands of people Organifi impacts every day.  

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  • The Power of your thoughts are everything 
  • The Science of getting rich all starts with our thinking, which turns into a feeling, and that feeling turns into an action, and that action turns into RESULTS
  • The power of your beliefs, belief in yourself, and belief in the world around you to bring in the most incredible results
  • The 2nd Lesson is avoiding unhealthy competition, so that you can actually help your fellow humans beings be complete
  • The Theory behind Will – Belief – Desire – Action


“We have 60 to 80,000 thoughts a day. So how can we know what we’re thinking all day long? Most of the time women have more thoughts than men. So how can we become the captain of our own ship, our own mental consciousness, that little monkey in ancient Hindu texts, riding the elephant. (2:22)

“So we’ve got to choose our thoughts intentionally, and we get to hold in our mind the thoughts that we want, which is why I’m such a big advocate in the very beginning of my journey of putting sticky notes all over the place. Having a vision movie that I would watch every day, backing that with some binaural beats to drop it and do an alpha one or a Delta state in my mind before I went to bed so that my unconscious mind. Would start to work on it because you are far more powerful than you’ve given yourself credit for.” (3:45)

“So in order to get that goal that you want in your life, you have to have a belief. Which is why vision boards, mind, movies, all these things are good to a certain extent, but most people think they can just visualize it and will it into existence.

You have to take action and that belief presses upon the desire and then the desire fuels the will. And then that will bring the action into it. (8:22)

“Most people have no idea, even why they’re doing things they’re plugged into the matrix. Right. And they’re just doing things. They’re flipping the cookie on the assembly line. And that’s just an analogy for everyday life. 9 to 5 every single day to Joe Dispenza says 98% of what we do by the time we’re 35 years old, all the program” (9:42)

“When in doubt, focus out fears are bigger than faith.” (10:44)

“Whatever desire you have in your heart, no matter where you are, my friend, write it down, set the intention, visualize it, act to get the desire to get the will to succeed, press forward, get out of that competitive mindset. Your life will forever be changed. I promise you that I am living proof of that” (20:14)

Further Resources/Links:

“You Be You” Drew Canole

“The Science of Getting Rich” Wallace D. Wattles

“Kybalion: A Study of Hermetic Philosophy”   



Dilts Pyramid  

Whoop Health Tracking

Wayne Dyer

John Randolph Price  


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