Drew Canole is a Visionary, Published Author with Hay House, Inc.™, Founder of Fitlife.tv™, Co-Founder of Organifi LLC™, and highly sought after Speaker and Podcast Guest.

As the CEO of Fitlife.tv, he was at the forefront of the viral video craze on YouTube and Facebook, building a loyal community of millions of followers and making “juicing” (the super healthy green stuff) a household staple before it was cool. Drew knows how to anticipate the marketplace, and is skilled at sourcing top talent to create profitable brands while making an impact in the world.

With 20 years experience in digital and affiliate marketing, e-commerce, and building a loyal community, Drew’s managed to lead the way in the health and wellness industry, scaling Organifi into the multi-millions in just a few years. As a start-up in 2014 working in coffee shops with a small team of 6 people, Organifi has managed to beat the odds in the supplement space grossing $27 million in 2017, $43 million in 2018, and $65 million in 2019 while going from 15 to 100+ employees in that time. 


Climbing on the Inc. 500 list for 3 years running, and named one of the Best Places to Work, Organifi continues to challenge the status quo through innovative products, and a commitment to make quality nutrition easy and accessible to everyone. Along with Drew’s vision for a better world and unwavering dedication to humanity in everything he does, one thing remains clear: following the path of service has proven to be one of his most rewarding and successful endeavors to date.  

When Drew’s not making engaging viral content for the world to laugh at and learn from, sharing his vision with his team of transformation agents in the office or inspiring thousands on stage, Drew enjoys spending time outdoors in his garden, at the gym, learning to play new instruments, reading a ton of books, and studying the energetics of our physical world and beyond. And of course, drinking plenty of green juice.

Organifi is more than a superfood company – it’s a lifestyle. With roots in transformation coaching, we discovered the power of mindset and community in creating sustainable lifestyle change.

The FitLife.tv team is passionate about uniting the world through health and happiness. FitLife.tv was founded on the principle that demonstration of positive change had the power to start a revolution and create a ripple effect to be felt around the world. Through the years, we’ve seen this to be true!

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