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Episode 69: 6 Ways To Reduce Stress Instantly

November 24, 2021

Host: Drew Canole


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1:19 “Most people are tired, most people are wired throughout the day.” Getting adaquate amounts of sleep can help reduce stress. How is your sleep, are you hydrated? The thickness of your blood can affect how quickly you fall asleep.

4:20 “Sleep and naps are a great way to lower your stress.”

5:50 “Next up would be organic food.” If you’re gut is in all kinds of disarray, it’s going to suppress the serotonin release in your body.

9:20. “Next up for stress I would say exercise.” There are so many neurochemicals released when we work out, we’re expanding the central nervous system.

12:00 “There’s benefits to doing things that once freaked you out.” What once scared you, doesn’t have to, and you can move past it.

12:30 ” How are you breathing?” What’s your breath like? Your breath says everything about your body’s vibration.

15:20 “You can always add adaptogens to your day too.”


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