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Episode 72: Why We Need To Make Order Out Of Chaos With Brooks Hollan

December 15, 2021

Host: Drew Canole


3:40 “We shared a similar conviction because we both read the article that kids were no longer going to live as long as their parents.”

6:13 “We have obliterated people’s attention spans.”

10:00 “I was 45 but I had never, ever read the bible and it was the only thing that made sense.”

16:00 “I don’t think it’s the mark of the beast, because we have to get to the one world government first.”

18:45 “God created all this stuff, but now you have man who wants to use microchips to make this man-made world.”

25:10 “Anytime there’s censorship, 99% of the time it’s censoring the truth.”

29:15 “If you look at every single totalitarian, communist, socialist regime, one of the first things they do is ban the bible.

41:02 “It’s a game for souls.”

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