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Episode 8: How to Stay Positive During a Lockdown

May 3, 2021

Host: Drew Canole


Staying positive through this Pandemic, is something that Drew has been getting a lot of questions about. What can we do to create an amazing environment for creation, and maintain a healthy both, soul, mind, and relationship with those around you. 

In this laid back conversation with Drew, he walks you through his home environment, and what he uses to create a fortress of power and Zen for himself, and how you can too. 

Drew also walks you 5 of the things you can do today to create peace and balance through this pandemic. Drew also shares his top reading resources on habit building, morning routines, and finding your calling, so that even amidst the lockdown you can continue to live and lead a purpose driven life. 

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  • Routine, this is one of the most important things you need to instill 
  • Pour Kindness into yourself, via Massage, via Personal time through meditation 
  • Emotions can drag us down, so what are you doing to create the healthiest environment
  • Creating a environment of creation, and streamlining your home to have the most powerful things, the bring you absolute Joy
  • Reading More, and investing in your education, from marketing to playing an instrument 


“The more appreciation you have, the more you appreciate.” (3:30)

“Are you casting joy to other human beings, even if they’re in a disgruntled place? When we start to look at the world as a game, it starts to change everything.” (6:45)

“What’s the one thing that you’ve been tolerating that you simply need to let go of?” (6:21)

“The fastest way to get to that enlightened place, that ascended being, is the trickster!” (7:21)

“To live a bigger mission with a purpose is to learn every single day.” (9:31)

“The ride gets lonely if you’re just a collector – collecting money, collecting assets, houses, cars and things. (9:54)

“The greater the opportunity is to work on the cellular matrix of your body, to empower it with more voltage and self-love, the bigger gain and the bigger you. How big do you want to go?” (13:08)

Further Resources/Links:

You Be You, by Drew Canole

“Man’s Search for Meaning.” Viktor E. Frankl

“Atomic Habits.” James Clear

“Compound Effect” Darren Hardy

“The Miracle Morning” Hal Elrod

“Your Inner Awakening” Byron Katie 


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