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Episode 7: Imposter Syndrome

April 30, 2021

Host: Drew Canole


How to deal with Imposter Syndrome. 

4 tried and true ways to deal with Imposter Syndrome. 

Have you ever dealt with Imposter Syndrome? 

Drew invites you to work with him on really going inward and doing some powerful work around getting rid of Imposter Syndrome once and for all. Drew becomes the bridge for you and your own path through this super tough subject. 

  1. Stop the comparison game 
  2. Consistently give yourself credit and look at your wins. “You are enough” 
  3. Dismiss the doubts : Pivot your thoughts 
  4. Learn to stop taking yourself so damn serious

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  • Drew revisits his past as he was running a credit and debt settlement company, where he was trading his time for dollars, and how that was the death rattle to him.

    • How to be conscious of the comparison game, and how to shift and pivot immediately.

    • Understanding how to see your unique soul thumbprint, and recognizing your unique, beautiful self.

    • What is MONEY – My Own Natural Energy Yield

    • To be a billionaire you need to be an emotional Billionaire first

    • Observing the last 24 hours as an Eagle where you can see the brilliance of your day as you soar over it

  • Having a practice to Pray to Meditate and to connect to spirit is paramount to letting go of Imposter Syndrome


“So when you compare yourself to somebody else, when you’re constantly looking at what’s not working for you, what’s not enough. It creates more fire in your body. More heat. Chinese medicine in that heat can be, you know, Dan P dry heat. It throws you out of balance. And when you’re out of balance, you can’t be your best.” (4:12)

“…to be a billionaire. You gotta be an emotional billionaire first because money is energy, right? My Own Natural Energy Yield ‘M.O.N.E.Y.’ So if you’re so full, you’re so high, you’re so elevated. You’re so evolved in your own life and you’re giving yourself credit every day. The angels are cheering for you.” (6:56)

“I made myself my own expert and then I demonstrated it. And because I demonstrated it on my own, if my frequency shifted, people felt that long before the physical Drew showed up, the energetic Drew was there. And it was real.” (20:23)


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