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Episode 64: 6 Instant Solutions To Your Feelings Of Loneliness

November 3, 2021

Host: Drew Canole


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7:33 “there’s a lot more going on than what’s revealed in our 5 senses.” There’s so much going on inside of us. Our body is interacting with our habitat in ways most scientists will never understand. When you’re feeling alone or lonely, rejoice in the space that you have to sit and listen to nature for a while.

10:33 “retrospection actually opens up dream time.” Think back on your life. Don’t give in to the negative thoughts, but focus on the positive ones. This is just a sliver in time, a window, between activities. Use this time to be grateful and gather learnings from your past.

12:55 “Reach out to somebody you haven’t talked to in a while.” Maybe this is a sign. Maybe this season of separation is a message to you, that you should reach out to someone in need who maybe you’ve forgotten about.

14:45 “Make the most out of your interactions.” How can you ask more questions and REALLY listen? Millionaires talk a lot, but billionaires ask a lot of questions.

17:03 “Talk to other people about how you’re feeling alone.” Explore coping strategies together and don’t be scared to ask someone for help.

20:46 “Get a pet.” It’s hard to argue with man’s best friend. We evolved alongside each other to be friends. We’re here for them and they’re here for us.

22:26 “Loneliness is not permanent my friend. It could be something dietary, it could be in your gut.” Alkalizing your body helps, cleaning up your diet, along with getting enough exercise and even doing that with friends.

23:25 “Loneliness can be turned into ALL one-ness. It can be turned into a relationship with God.” The word “alone” is the state of being separate from “all-one.” All-one-ness would be the antithesis of alone-ness, or loneliness, once we realize that we’re not separated at all, but connected at the very source.

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