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Episode 61: The Incredible Benefits Of Intermittent Fasting, BDNF & GABA with Dr. Mindy Pelze

October 25, 2021

Host: Drew Canole


02:15 “In the absence of food, the cells turn on themselves and they start to repair themselves and make themselves stronger.” Intermittent fasting brings loads of benefits. One of them is autophagy.

3:39 “There’s a secret to this. Mother nature has the answer. When we give our body time to heal, without being constantly bombarded…” We’re often told to ‘feed a cold’ but in most cases, food actually distracts the immune system. There’s a reason why ancients fasted.

4:35 “I like to think of BDNF as miracle grow… When we put miracle grow in our plants, they grow unusually beautiful and big.” BDNF is a neuroprotein essential for memory and focus.

6:55 “If you use BFR bands and lift really heavy weights, the metabolites from the muscle breakdown go and create BDNF in the brain.” BFR bands are a great way to increase the muscle ‘failure’ that causes the rebuilding of muscle. This also increases BDNF.

10:00 “It’s our microbiome that controls our blood sugar levels.” Each person may have a different habitat in their digestion that dictates how their body responds to hormonal changes. It’s important to eat foods that improve gut health since it affects so many different aspects of our body’s functions.

12:10 “We control two things in this world: Number one what we put in our mouth, number two what we put in our mind.”

15:38 “The longer you go without food, your body is so beautifully designed, that it makes more ketones, it makes more bdnf, and when these two chemicals are going up, you’re going to make more gaba.” GABA relaxes the brain and staves off anxiety, depression, insomnia and other mood disorders.

24:38 “When you fast, you really change your microbiome, and what you break your fast with really makes a difference.”

30:20 “Glutamate is going to make you operate more from the amygdala part of the brain. The amygdala is constantly scanning the environment to see if you’re safe.”

32:02 Three “P’s” to incorporate into your diet are polyphenols, prebiotics, and probiotics. These are foods that will feed the microbiome. We also can’t forget about amino acids. If you have a complete amino acid profile in your gut, that microbiome profile will flourish more than someone who has half.

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