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Episode 60: Fascinating Productivity Hacks To Skyrocket Your Output

October 20, 2021

Host: Drew Canole


0:51 “Number 1 is waking up early. Part of being productive is telling your unconscious mind to do things for you.” You’d be surprised just how much of your workload can be relieved by visualization and strategy, most of which your mind can work on in the background, even while you sleep.

1:16 “Number 2 would be I write down three things that I want to get done the next day, the night before.” This is a great way to begin the subconscious ‘crunching’ that your brain will do without much effort at all.

2:19 “I do my morning ritual for the first hour or hour and a half.” This might seem like a lot, but you can work up to it. It’s all part of feeling amazing and loving yourself each day.

4:38 “I play 125 bpm tribal mix.” 50 minutes of work, 10 minutes off. Do some research on how short our attention spans actually are and how efficient you can be with short work breaks.

5:35 “L-theanine, matcha, Organifi pure, which has the baobab in it.” Superfoods and adaptogens are essential to any morning ritual.

5:56 “Usually the hardest thing that I have to get done is in the first interval.” Think about the one thing you don’t want to do. Do that first. When you’re done, you’ll feel amazing, and everything else will feel like a breeze.

6:57 “I don’t multitask.” What’s the biggest thing that I must get done? “I set a to-be list. How am I going to BE today?”

9:54 “No is way more powerful than yes.” Say no to what you know you’re not good at. Outsource that to someone who is, to someone who loves that, so you can do what YOU love.

Books referenced:

Wake Up Productive – Eben Pagan

The Perfect Day Formula – Craig Ballantyne

The One Thing – Jeff Olson

Atomic Habits – James Clear


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