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Episode 6: One Thing That Has Literally Transformed My Life

April 28, 2021

Host: Drew Canole


What’s my life’s purpose? Why am I here? How do you truly show up for a mission-centered life? If you’re looking to expand your vision beyond that self-limiting daily treadmill, then this episode of Drew & You will speak to you at a deep level. The focus is on locating your individual wellspring, that source that sparks you to jump out of bed every day with a commitment to living your best life. For starters, it’s about thinking first and foremost of others.

Drew invites listeners to consider five building blocks that form the bedrock of a mission-centered life. These are practices that may be new or uncomfortable, completely different from anything built into the daily world you knew growing up. But if you’re tuned into this podcast, you’re opening up to possibility – and the wonder of living into something bigger than yourself. Drew is here to share his own journey and help point the way as you uncover your own unique path. 

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  • If you’re listening, there’s a reason you’re here. Imagine that this podcast is a gift and your job is simply to receive it.
  • Drew shares his key ingredients for living a mission-centered life, starting with rapturous gratitude always at the center. . 
  • Daily rituals to help ensure you’re realizing your vision:
    • #1 Set intention. Close your eyes, picture what you want to accomplish.
    • #2 Let it go: What are you tolerating that does not serve? Choose to relinquish things that do not support the abundance you seek.
    • #3 Turn your reality into a game: Challenge yourself to be a trickster and come alive by living into the interplay that is our existence.
    • #4 See every single human as spirit (whatever your god, life force, higher power) in disguise. 
    • #5 Never stop learning! Keep those “wow goggles” on because it’s in a perpetual state of inquiry and growth that we are most alive.
  • No matter what you’re up against, take the five things we’ve discussed and adapt them to your personal challenges. Then watch and see how things turn around.


“The more appreciation you have, the more you appreciate.” (3:30)

“Are you casting joy to other human beings, even if they’re in a disgruntled place? When we start to look at the world as a game, it starts to change everything.” (6:45)

“What’s the one thing that you’ve been tolerating that you simply need to let go of?” (6:21)

“The fastest way to get to that enlightened place, that ascended being, is the trickster!” (7:21)

“To live a bigger mission with a purpose is to learn every single day.” (9:31)

“The ride gets lonely if you’re just a collector – collecting money, collecting assets, houses, cars and things. (9:54)

“The greater the opportunity is to work on the cellular matrix of your body, to empower it with more voltage and self-love, the bigger gain and the bigger you. How big do you want to go?” (13:08)

Further Resources/Links:

Feeling is the Secret,” Neville Goddard

“Life was Never Meant to be a Struggle.” Stuart Wilde

You Be You“, by Drew Canole

“Becoming Supernatural,” Joe Dispenza


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