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Episode 59: Vibrations, Positivity, & Crystals With The Gem Goddess, Leanna Palmer

October 22, 2021

Host: Drew Canole


20:06 – “Follow the authentic truth.”  To live your best life, your dream life, we have to be open to everything inside us. 


22:22 – “If this was all a simulation, we could wake our selves up right now.”  Regardless of how wild and crazy the world is right now, there is a purpose for what’s happening.

23:34 “The biggest cheat code for your life is your mind.” You can change your mind to change your perception of the world.

28:00 “If we’re radiating in a state of love, it just opens up bridges and pathways.”  

34:34 “To know yourself is to be known.”

48:30 “Whatever can be created in the body can also be destroyed from the field.”

Further reading:  The Kybalion

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