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Episode 58: Make Your Business A Spiritual Practice (Part 2)

October 21, 2021

Host: Drew Canole


0:48 “When you look at your business as a spiritual act, as something that you’re blessed to do every single day, it takes the pressure off of you and it’s one of the most rewarding things you can do.” It truly is a gift to participate in the global transfer of energy. All goods, services and especially money are just energy. And each transaction is likened to a spiritual connection between you, your employees, and your customers.

1:25 “Your business partner is god.” The sooner we stop letting our ego rule our business decisions, the sooner we’ll realize that no matter WHAT you do for a living, it’s God’s work. It’s divinely inspired.

4:09 “The problem is most people aren’t enrolling that aspect of super-self, that connection to God.” It’s easy to get distracted by the numbers, the financials, the KPIs, etc. We can’t let that happen. We’ve got to stay connected and aware of the importance of our duty here in this mission. Otherwise this is how many people burn out. They lose touch of the meaning.

4:45 “EGO is ‘Edging God Out.” Your business isn’t about you or your talents. It’s about fulfilling your destiny with Him and making that connection from one link to the next.

6:00 “every single person you do business with is not just a person but they’re a human soul, and you are on the same journey with them walking home.” We have to remember that we’re all walking each other home.

7:43 “Money is just energy.” Money stands for: My Own Natural Energy Yield. The more love I can put into my business, the more money will come back. It’s all love being exchanged. Unconditional love doesn’t expect anything in return. What if you just gave for the sake of giving? What if you set aside 10-20% like business & spiritual tithing to just giving back?

10:35 “When things get off track look at it from a metaphysical level. How do i have more presence in business, in my own life. What keeps resurfacing in this dream that i haven’t addressed? What’s coming up?”

11:39 “Staying connected to Spirit throughout business every day.” What do i need to do to be more receptive to that innate source inside of me? When I do that, I get information that is just so perfect, so spot on.

To get there, you can meditate more, shift your consciousness, clean up your temple and your diet. Far too many people disassociate themselves spiritually. We become limited mortal minds trapped in a prison. Keep tuning into that spiritual center

13:40 “It takes a lot of introspection to get to that place.”

Get some help from a fellow Jedi. It helps remove the blinders to chat with some mentors. It’s so important to have a fellow mentor who can be there for you in this.

17:20 “There’s no greater pleasure than helping another human being evolve their own soul.” When you start seeing your business as a tool for transforming someone’s life, you’ve found the key to loving your business and your own life.


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