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Episode 57: Allow, Accept, & Let Go With Ivan Rados

October 21, 2021

Host: Drew Canole


1:20 “The difference between me and everyone else is I’m not attached to my memories.” So many of us were born into chaos. It could be dysfunctional families, oppressive governments or cultures. We need to make peace with that and recognize that we are all one. Our past is a gift because it lead us to look inward in the first place.

4:33 “So I created two realities. One reality is going into my own mind.” After traumatic abuse, failure or heartbreak, some people give up. Others look inward, and find a way to escape. Still others, without escaping or hiding, embrace the reality that their situation is theirs to own and rejoice in.

8:45 “Real healing happened when I realized not to go away from my family, but to realize that they helped me to seek myself.”

12:24 “We have a bunch of adolescent children disguised as adults, running our governments, running these huge corporations.” Some people spend their whole lives running. Those who don’t learn their lessons young will be banished to exacting their revenge on others, unfortunately.

14:03 “Out of awareness comes consciousness, because consciousness is the movement of awareness, because consciousness needs to express itself.”

15:38 “The mind is nothing but the social consensus of reality.” We could define reality as nothing else but a bunch of thoughts that we accept. It’s difficult to step outside of our reality when we experience pain or suffering because of our biology, but its essential we see it this way and do our best to break the mental attachment we have to this perspective.

16:40 “Consciousness is the energy, brother. Not the thought of it, not the feel of it, but the knowing of it. Beyond my mind and my senses, I know. I’m alive, I can see, hear and think.” The mind is the thought of it, which is the past. It’s a structure created not only by you, but by other people in the shared energy.

17:56 “Consciousness is the energy. The mind is the frequency, and the thoughts are the vibration. The kind of vibration you vibrate, that’s what kind of reality you create.”

18:30 “The mind is not yours. It has never been yours. It is social. That social attachments we are not. That’s separation. Separation brings suffering and suffering brings diseases.”

21:07 “You have to change yourself. You have to change your perception of self. You have to include yourself in what’s happening right now, but not to be attached to it.”

25:18 “For a lot of people the illusion is so real, and they’re so entrenched in their old mind programs.”

34:10 “How do i get into this state of ‘no mind’ ?”

34:55 “Allow, accept and let go, it’s a simple formula.” You have to be detached from everything, problems, illness, the situation you’re trapped in, from everything that you are not. Everything that you are not is not the truth because you are the truth.

41:05 “Love means neutrality. If you are in a neutral place then the love will be shared equally. It doesn’t choose whether you’re rich or poor. Knowing that pain is inevitable but suffering is optional, we have to allow, accept and let go of it.”


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