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Episode 56: Make Your Business A Spiritual Practice

October 9, 2021

Host: Drew Canole


0:16 “How to turn your business, your vocation, your workation… into a spiritual practice every single day.”  It’s important that we find a way to see meaning in what we do for a living.  That doesn’t mean go quit your job and become a dancer.  We’d all love to do that.  It means to really see and FEEL the role that your vocation plays in society, and the good that your product or service provides to another human soul.

0:40 “Number one, it starts with you. Knowing that it starts with you, is super relevant and important.” Wake up before the emails, before the instagram messages, before the sun. Hone in on the message of the day.

1:20 “Not a ‘to-do’ list, but a ‘to-be’ list.” How am I being in those moments? Being comes before doing. How am I going to BE in my relationships, in my office, in my own work? A lot of BEING adjustments will require a morning ritual: How can you nourish your creativity, your intelligence and your physical body?

2:12 “When running your business like a spiritual practice in your life, it’s very important that you have a morning ritual.”

2:35 “Number two is recognizing that every single person that comes into your business, your family, your customers… it’s a soul’s mission.” Every person you come into contact with brings an opportunity for a greater evolution of being.

It can be like unlocking several new timelines in your potential future when you begin to view people like this. Once you do, you’ll experience greater purpose and meaning in your work.

This can be more difficult for people who work from home. Many of us don’t realize how much we need that human interaction. We need to hear those little anecdotes about someone else’s life so we can cheer them on and feel connected to not just their victories but also their struggles.

5:35 “When you really start to look at life like it’s a game, like it’s not real, then the stress fades away.” It might sound “woo-woo” but once you make peace with all outcomes, and realize that your mortal body and that this life will all pass away, it does create freedom and liberation.

8:15 “Getting behind organizations and having partnerships with other people that have a deeper soul’s mission for what you’re creating in the world too.”

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