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Episode 54: Using Trauma As Rocket Fuel

October 2, 2021

Host: Drew Canole


0:43 “I believe trauma in the body is rocket fuel.” Many times successful and accomplished people draw their inspiration from tragedy or difficult situations they experienced as children. There are two paths you can choose after experiencing trauma. You can grant power to the experience and let it shape you negatively forever, or you can make peace with it, and use it as your testimony to rise above and inspire others.

2:20 My father isn’t my real father.” Recognize that your father and mother aren’t your real parents, but that parent is God. If your parents were great, that’s great, but it was God who put them in your experience. If your parent’s were not that great, it was still God who put them in your path for you to learn to be different.

3:55 The abuser, through the law of one-ness, the parent who did this to me is actually me.” Through this law we can have compassion for the people who hurt us. If it’s your mom or dad, maybe his dad did the same thing to him or maybe he wasn’t given the tools to be the best dad. Learn to see through the anger, the pain, into the divine intelligence and wisdom of the situation and extract the learnings. It’s not easy, but the sooner you can do that, the sooner you can start encouraging others to join you.

5:25 “This helps me realize that I am radically more self sufficient than I could ever have imagined.” It gives us power. If we could get through it then, we can get through it now.

6:29 “This also helps me realize that we abuse ourselves every day through inefficient thoughts, feelings, we beat ourselves up every day.” Maybe we learned the wrong message from trauma that we experienced as children. Maybe we abuse ourselves because that’s what we think we deserve. How do we break this cycle?

Create a “be” list: How am I going to be? “I’m love, I’m joy, I’m peace, I’m here to change lives.” Write sticky notes on your mirror, words of affirmation, and lyrics of encouragement go a long way, and refresh them often to keep yourself surprised.

9:07 “Sometimes this shows up in what I’m eating.” Your diet might be an expression of your self esteem. Are you drowning yourself in toxic food and drink to drown something out, or stop from thinking about something? Or is this some coping mechanism? What kind of high-vibing food can we replace that with?

9:43 “No matter what you’re going through, no matter what you’re up against, it serves a purpose.” Maybe now you’ll have radical ownership for everything that happens.

11:34 “These are important things to remember that will really help you shape, seize, and shift anything that you’re holding on to that could cause you more and more ‘dis-ease’ in your body. ” How many people are sick, hurting and unhealthy because of what they’re holding onto psychologically or spiritually? We need to find a way, as hard as you think it might be, to see our trauma as a blessing, forgive our trespassers, and let our mind and body heal.


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