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Episode 50: Beating the fear machine

September 15, 2021

Host: Drew Canole


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The voice of fear is common. You can hear it in your own head. You can hear it in your friends’ conversations. You can definitely hear and SEE it in the news. The politicians in Australia and parts of Europe are taking drastic measures, restricting the lives of the people who put them in office, all because of fear.

1:18 “If you’re basing your security on something outside of you, your safety on something outside of you, you are chasing a lie.”

Yet, there’s another level to this. To be afraid of an external threat is to be completely reliant on external realities for your completion. If we only look INSIDE ourselves, we might finally realize that the entire material world is nothing more than a byproduct of our interior world.

2:45 “In this podcast today, if you get anything at all, i’m going to show you how to lean into your fear, so that you can go beyond it.”

The more people who wake up to this, the greater the chance that we can WIN, and crush all fears. Then we truly experience the inner peace, the tranquility, and the oneness with our source.

3:12 “The fear of failure, it could be abandonment, rejection, intimacy… scarcity, being broke, not being good enough, not feeling loved or being cut off from the tribe…” The possibilities of fear are endless. But who are you without all of that?

7:10 “The first step in beating your fear my friend is to simply acknowledge it.” Many times we build up giant walls of denial, illusions and mirrors to try and fool ourselves. We fill our lives with “busy-ness” to avoid the inevitable confrontation with our fear. We need to lean into it and acknowledge it.

8:51 “Once we’ve acknowledged it, we’ve acknowledged that the fear is there. We’ve written it down. Feel it.” Is there anything wrong with having this fear? Who else might have this fear? Ask yourself these questions. How can I have compassion for people with this fear? How can I encourage and guide others struggling in this area?

10:15 “When you start to look at it as a reframe… the universe literally will start to align in your favor.” Fear causes so much disruption in our unconscious, that it affects everything around us. Once we see the potential negative as a positive, it ripples out from our inner being into the material realm, creating more opportunities and more oneness.

12:20 “How do you prepare yourself [for encountering fear]? Through the power of concentration. Focus on it. Look at all the angles.” When we begin to see our lives as perceivers instead of just participants, we begin to gather more wisdom and understanding. Like little gifts, the universe starts to teach us and manifest the correct path to follow.

14:05 “Because we’re so addicted to the fight or flight response in the limbic brain, we continue to create stories and drama that keep us in this state.” Breathe deep. Come back home. You can let all of that go.

14:20 “You can have heaven on earth, right here, right now. Or you can have hell on earth.”


“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our Light, not our Darkness, that most frightens us.” – Marianne Williamson

““Most people wait for something outside of them to change how they feel inside.” – Dr. Joe Dispenza

A Return To Love – Marianne Williamson


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