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Episode 5: Leadership Development

April 26, 2021

Host: Drew Canole


In this episode of Drew & You, it’s all about the “greats” – authors who have served as mentors to Drew through the years and most especially over the past 11 years as he has retooled his life. The one thing these relationships all have in common? They are rooted in the wisdom of books. Join Drew in a celebration of the rich resources that are available to anyone willing to seek them out.

In this episode, Drew dives deep into what he’s learned about leadership in all its components. From the toxic to the transcendental, the journey is about healing early wounding and then moving on to raise up others in their quest to do the same. Drew breaks down the critical components he identified on the way to untangling his own leadership style. He could not have taken Organifi or his life to where it is now without first retooling his concept of what it is to be a leader. It all starts with intentionality. “With every thought, every word, you’re creating a wish,” says Drew. With each person we help, we are contributing to a universe of leadership that transforms, uplifts and inspires.

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  • What is leadership? What are the narratives that run beneath contemporary leadership, derived from toxic energies and traumatic wounding?
  • Where is leadership going? Drew is open and excited to discover new directions.
  • Setting intention: In this moment, during this podcast, receive the message and listen to what you already know.
  • Drew’s story: He wasn’t raised to be a leader. BUT he was raised to have heart and integrity. 
  • Leadership built atop a broken, wounded child is never solid. 
  • Elevate your frequency: Shed toxic behaviors, relationships and thought patterns.
  • Drew shares the impacts of his “people-pleasing” history, which for a long time helped him avoid pain and allowed his life to remain out of control.
  • Change started with a simple message: Helping at least one person every day.
  • How Drew’s effort to “help one person” led him to an entrepreneurial passion that changed his life. (Hint: It involved moving from a daily smoothie to juicing.)
  • For the past 11 years, Drew’s commitment to “help one person” has morphed into a multi-dimensional quest to help others heal on every level – psychic, physical, emotional spiritual and intellectual.
  • Organifi superfoods came into being specifically to boost that mission! 
  • Foundational elements for building leadership:
    • Trust: A critical element of leadership, it activates and vitalizes others on the team.
    • Reading: It only takes reading four books on any one topic to become smarter than 99% of the population.
    • Intentionality: Open yourself to knowing that you are enough and set the vibration that will attract people into your life who will mirror that back.
    • Mindfulness: Recognize that everything you do matters. Be conscious of how you show up to everything you do and how you behave. 
    • Celebrate: Take every opportunity to recognize and praise those around you, lifting them up by gifting them with things they need before they know they need them. 
    • Collaborate: Look for opportunities to partner with organizations that, like you, want to advance a positive vision and start movements for good.
    • Model Self-Love: Be the leader who balances masculine and feminine, and pours attention into your own being to keep the cup full.


“The leadership we’re talking about is a balance of your higher self and the self that you see as you on the planet at this time.” (1:54)

“Don’t read to learn. Read to teach. Embody it in that cellular memory!” (3:40)

“We need everybody to lead now.” (4:38)

“I spent the majority of the beginning of my life trying to prove what an effective leader was and … and it was the most ineffective leadership I could imagine.” (6:26)

“When the ego is in the seat, whatever money you make your ego likes to spend because it keeps you at the wealth frequency you’re already at.” (7:39)

“When your authenticity is out the window, you have no intuition, no self-respect, no self-love.” (8:10)

“All the trauma that happened TO me, I turned it into happening FOR me. I turned it into rocket fuel.” (11:07)

“I wasn’t trying to build a community. I wasn’t the old Drew that had to ‘prove’ things. I was just lit up about these super-foods!” (14:49)

“I realized my soul’s purpose is to simply help people feel better in their bodies.” (15:31)

“A leader doesn’t try to lead. A leader is a teacher by default. A leader is just expressing dominion and embodying what it takes.” (17:13)

“A conscious, evolved leader sees (death) as just another transition.” (17:50)

“To be an effective leader you have to be elevating the people around you. You don’t want to be the smartest leader in the room.” (18:20)

 “You are the expert. You are the leader already. There are tons of people who want to be led by you.” (21:10)

“Heaven is in the details. What you do matters. … Do whatever it takes.” (23:02)

“When we really start holding space for ourselves, that wounded child starts to grab the hand of the divine child … that pulls us forward into this unknown place of joy, serenity, peace. It’s a shift and that’s where leadership is headed!” (28:09)

Further Resources/Links:
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Brains on Fire,  Robbin Phillips, Greg Cordell, Geno Church, Spike Jones


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