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Episode 49: How To Improve Your Gut Health & Immune System with Shanais Pelka

September 15, 2021

Host: Drew Canole


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What is your gut telling you?

This week Drew gets into all things health and wellness with special guest Sahnais Pelka. Shanais is the leader of research and development for the Organifi team, nutritionist and owner of Seven Springs organic farm.

Shanais kicks the conversation off by sharing her personal experience with illness that led her down a journey of holistic healthy living. You will be shocked to hear what one round of antibiotics did to her entire body!

Drew and Shanais dive into stress and the monkey mind, the impact of outside chemicals on your body, and ways to build back a healthy body. Not only that but Drew shares what he does to amp himself up for big events, and also unwind at the end of the day.

The show doesn’t stop there. Did you know the immune system largely lives within your gut? Well, Shanais shares what herbicides and other chemicals may be affecting your immune system, inflammatory responses, and digestion. Listen in the learn how to tell if you don’t have a healthy gut lining and what you can do to heal.



  • The impact of chemical and emotional stress on your body.

  • How cortisol affects hormones in the human body.

  • The power of ashwagandha in healing and health.

  • Healing adaptogens, supplements, and superfoods that heal your gut lining, immune system, and mental health.

  • The top 4 gut killers.



Glyphosate is an herbicide, but it’s actually been patented as an antibiotic. So meaning it kills the gut microbiome.” (19:24, Shanias)

There are glyphosate tests, blood tests, urine tests that you can do to actually track how much you have in your body. You would be astounded how much you actually have in your body, regardless of how clean you actually eat.” (21:33, Drew)

The bacteria inside your body helps protect you from the bacteria outside in the world, the bad bacteria.” (22:54, Drew)

Cortisol will actually feel molecules that are building blocks for progesterone and progesterone is a very important metabolic enhancing balancing hormone.” (33:59, Shanais)

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