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Episode 48: 7 Creative Ways to Give to Others This Month & Increase Abundance in Your Life

September 9, 2021

Host: Drew Canole


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Are you afraid of losing everything you have?

If you are living in a state of fear, and scarcity your life will feel stunted and stagnant.

Giving isn’t only offering up a material item wrapped with a bow. In this solo episode Drew offers up creative and meaningful ways to give to others and see radical abundance in return.

If you are looking for a cost-free way to give to someone you are in a relationship with, Drew walks through creative ways to make your partner feel loved. The reality is, based on masculine or feminine ways, we receive and gift differently. Be sure to tune in to understand how!

Gifting isn’t just for personal relationships, it shows up within business too: there are many ways to give back to your customers, employees and partners. Drew opens up about some of the ways he started FitLife TV and Organifi through giving.

Take a moment today, and give to someone you care about. We are in this together!



  • If you can radically give, your life will change for the better.

  • Conscious ways to give to others.

  • If someone has a love language of gifts, you can invest clearly in giving someone love.

  • How to use your gifts to help those in need around you.


We’re stuck in this finite reality where we think we have this constriction on the abundance that we can have.” (00:17)

Know that divine love has met in will always meet every human need.” (7:00)

I have never, ever invested in somebody and didn’t get them to invest in themselves, invest in coaching them, invest in working with me. And it just continues to be the law. So know that if you’re looking to work with somebody, invest in them first.” (9:10)

You can never out-give yourself. Know that. So no matter what business you’re in, what you’re doing in the world. Supply will always come back to you when you have that giving mentality.” (10:43)

Give your light, give your words, give your presence, give your commitment, give your passion, give your mission and give your resources. The world will change for the better.” (12:23)


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