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Episode 47: Sound and Light Therapy: Heath Benefits & How They Work with Gail Lynn

September 8, 2021

Host: Drew Canole


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Are you ready to heal your body or reconnect with your spirit?

This week, Drew has a dynamic conversation with Gail Lynn all about modalities for healing. Gail Lynn is a rebel, visionary, and weaver of information. As a published author and the inventor of the Harmonic Egg™, Gail is here to share the power of sound and light as a therapy.

If you feel as though you lost your control through events such as sexual assault or even receiving a vaccine that you didn’t feel control over receiving, Gail shares an exercise you can do to gain back your control and empower yourself.

Whether you are working on reducing the time you spend with your black mirror or want to gain overall well, there is something here for you! In this episode, Gail and Drew talk through creative ways to reduce your screen time, what supplement to take to remove heavy metals or parasites, and unique morning routines to ground into your higher self.

There is a great deal of false information and misleading insight, Gail and Drew discuss how to feed through what’s out there ways and how to discern more for yourself. In this revolutionary period, energies are running wild. Gail offers up tools to protect yourself as an empath during this time. Always remember, love and joy are possible my friend!



  • 3 different types of healers: What they do and how to detect which one your healer may be.

  • Using music and light to induce meditation, healing, and inner peace.

  • Declaration of sovereignty to take your personal control back.

  • The impact of having the COVID vaccine versus not being vaccinated.

  • Vaccine shedding- what this is, and how it shows up in your body and your life.

  • Morning rituals to help you stay optimal and connected to the other realms outside of this third density.

  • How to overcome the fear of not being able to travel any longer.


It’s a shame that so many people are convinced just because somebody has got a white coat.” (24:14, Drew)

The nonverbal communication is such a blessing in my life.” (26:13, Gail)

We have to have caution in following or like listening to anybody. You are your own health advocate.” (34:15, Drew)

You need to start listening to your intuition. The cream will rise to the top, but, we’re going to have to be more discerning.” (37:18, Gail)

You can’t fear death because you’re beyond death. You are literally eternal, infinite being created here to help humanity.” (44:40, Drew)

Further Resources/Links:

Learn more about the Harmonic Egg Here:

Outwitting the Devil by Napoleon Hill

Family of Light: Pleiadian Tales and Lessons in Living by Barbara Marciniak

Song: If I Were Brave by Jana Stanfield

Where You Can Connect with Gail Lynn:


Follow Drew:




Organifi Website:
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