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Episode 46: 7 Leadership Qualities: How to Become a Great Leader

September 2, 2021

Host: Drew Canole


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Are you a sheep or a lion?

In this solo episode Drew walks through seven main characteristics of being a lion in leadership and why it is key to success in life.

Lions are protective by nature. The first quality of strong leadership resides in protecting your energy and your time. The truth is, there are people who will suck your energy and time dry if you let them. Drew shares how to get your time back and protect your own energy.

What does courage look like to you? There is likely an aspect of your life where you are holding yourself back. Here is the inspiration for you to stand up for yourself, step forward and receive what you want from the universe.

Leadership requires you to both have community and also be comfortable being alone. Time with yourself allows you to generate thoughts, establish opinions, and receive downloads from source. Drew shares his practice of being alone and how to receive more power. Earth needs the leader within YOU. Let’s go, my friend!



  • Be in the internal NOW moment.

  • You are either a time earner or a time burner.

  • Prana is vital for life, and studies show it impacts your IQ. If your child is struggling in school during COVID, consider how to help them breathe more clean air during the day.

  • Leadership requires hunting.

  • It pays to have people around you with similar ideas. Begin to connect in person with people around you. A deeper sense of connection unfolds in-person versus meeting on Zoom.

  • Ho on a mission every single day to hunt and search for what will bring you to life and aligns with your purpose.



The number one leadership quality and trait that Lions have is to be protective over what they care about.” (00:32)

To be courageous, what does it look like? Maybe you make a decision today that you’ve been holding off on and you haven’t done because you’re too afraid to do it.

Maybe ask that person out, maybe pay a bill that you have in debt, but you’re scared because you want to save the money.” (5:38)

In leadership, we get to hunt. Sometimes we’ve got to find things, we get to research, we get to look at all the information and then postulate an idea that’s original to us.” (8:34)

You’re either a lion or you’re one of the sheep. And our job is not to wake the sheep up right now. It is to wake other lions up.” (12:18)

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