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Episode 45: How To Conquer Your Stress, Anxiety, and Fear through Breath with Samantha Skelly

September 1, 2021

Host: Drew Canole


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Are you tired of feeling anxious, stressed, and afraid?

This week Drew brings on Samantha Skelly to share with you how to uncover reality, experience the power of breath, and overcome fear.

Samantha is a self-made entrepreneur and CEO of two multi-million dollar wellness companies (Hungry for Happiness & Pause Breathwork), a highly sought-after international speaker, best-selling author, and wellness coaching expert with a heart-centered approach to business, coaching, and life.

If you have been feeling stressed from watching the news, overcome with fear of the future or carry a sense of anxiety on a daily basis, this episode is for YOU! Samantha shares the power of breathwork, how to take your breathwork to the next level and a practice to better understand the relationship you have with your thoughts.

Drew and Sam share their perspectives on the current state of the world and what they believe will come in the future. This is a dynamic conversation packed with personal insights, science-backed data, and two fun spirits ready to fill you up!



  • How to re-remember who you are in this life.

  • Three spiritual practices to break free from feeling stuck.

  • Tools to recover from people-pleasing and still care about others along the way.

  • How to overcome a love-hate relationship with social media.

  • The value of being connected to source and spirituality in business and in life.

  • How to use hardship to your advantage


Things like breathwork to release all of the structures of the doubts,  and all of the energy that’s not mine in my body to get back into that resting place of wellness, that resting place of my true nature. And when I’m there. Every cell in my body remembers that that’s who I am.” (4:29, Samantha)

Knowing our true nature and our true nature is so opposite of what we are told is our true nature right now.” (9:59, Samantha)

Every thought is a spell. It’s cast out into the world. That’s controlling our language. Our language is here to create, not destroy” (13:39, Drew)

There’s the capacity that people have to actually sit down disconnect from the matrix and make decisions when there are so many other immediate stressors in there.” (16:10, Samantha)

The only way we’re going to get free is when we unify come together and we take a stand for our own sovereignty.” (20:23, Samantha)  

But when we look at God here, here it is. When we look at God as our business partner. So it’s not my business, it’s not my will it’s thy will, so everything I do, it’s through God, it’s through him. It’s through the spirit that sent me.” (27:50, Drew)

Only 4% of wellness leaders are actually teaching breathwork in their sessions, which is crazy. So like the potential for this as massive.” (34:58)

Human beings are so smart because they sense that when you’re enjoying what you do when you have the enthusiasm to move with God, with spirit, when you have that, it’s magnetic.” (48:16)

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