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Episode 44: The Impact of Your Friendship Circle

August 27, 2021

Host: Drew Canole


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What is the collective consciousness of your five best friends?

Drew is up early today to share with you the value of friendships in developing who you are, and your potential to become even more.

You may have heard the saying, “you are the sum of the people around you.” Yet, when was the last time you paused and considered who is in your circle? AND, whether these are the types of relationships that truly add value to your life? If these friendships aren’t lighting you up, Drew outlines an exercise to help you materialize the relationships you actually want.

If you have a group of friends that no longer serve you, it may be time to kindly walk away. This separation doesn’t need to be hard, Drew shares his personal experiences with shifting friendships and building new relationships.



  • Fire friendship circles if they are no longer serving you.


  • Tap into the magnetic field of people who have already reached the goals and vision you aim for.


  • Everything is a frequency, and that includes those in your personal universe.


  • Visualize the values, aspects, and components of relationships, friendships, and mentors you want in your life.


  • What you seek is seeking you.


  • The more clarity you have, the quicker it will be to materialize in your environment.



Most people live like zombies. They reached the age of 40, 90% of their habits are all unconscious, probably 99% actually are all unconscious meaning they do the same thing over and over every single day. Then they wonder why they’re not getting any new results.” (00:43)

Every single week, spend 10 minutes, spend 30 minutes looking, not just looking with your mind, but looking with your intuition, being the perceiver versus the thinker.” (1:23)

What’s the frequency of the circle that you’re in. What’s the collective consciousness of your five best friends. And do you need to add somebody into it that has a different way of seeing the world?” (3:33)

There’s great currency and current in the friendship circles that you create.” (12:20)

We are crystalline in nature. We can create absolutely anything. So make sure your friends are building you up.” (12:45)

Further Resources/Links:

The Power of 8 by Lynne McTaggart

The Intention Experiment by Lynne McTaggart


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