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Episode 41: Foundations for a Successful Relationship with Matthew Hoffman

August 16, 2021

Host: Drew Canole


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Are you showing up as the partner you want to be with?

This week Drew talks with Matthew Hoffman, a national speaker and author, all about how to be a kick ass husband and partner.

The small things do add up and it is often simply the effort you exude that expresses love. Drew and Matt share the personal actions they love to do for others that make all the difference. Listen in to hear the ONE thing you can do today to make someone in your life feel loved!

Partnership through life will be exposed to many struggles and triumphs. Matthew walks through how to maintain a connection during new experiences such as pregnancy and how to reconnect with your partner after a trying time.

Whether you are entering a new relationship, been married for years, or are working on the most important relationships in life (the one you have with yourself) there is value within this episode for you! We are in this together my friends!



  • What happens to a relationship during pregnancy and how to reconnect with your partner after having a child.


  • The impact of a handwritten letter.

  • Simple ways to honor and recognize your partner.

  • Conversations to have when you start a relationship.

  • The power of the bucket list and how to add them into your relationship.

  • Giving love to your partner will give love to yourself as well.

  • The 3 C’s of a relationship.



“In a digital media world, it’s so easy just to send an emoji a quick text, a video, you know, technology is great and it makes life convenient, but it kind of allows us to cheat a little bit and cop-out on good old fashioned communication.” (Matthew, 9:02)

if there’s somebody you love, this is your number one relationship. You got to look for times that you can tell them they matter. They’re important and they occupied that number one slot.” (Matthew, 14:11)

I feel like there’s specific love languages for individuals as well. And they work not only in your romantic marriage or partnership, they work in relationship in general with other people.” (Drew, 25:45)

I think as men we’re like a laser beam, our attention is very focused and the woman has this innate ability to diffuse the laser and spread it to every single person. She comes in contact through our beauty, through her essence, through who she is. And I think that’s super powerful. “ (Drew, 34:40)

The kindest thing you can do for your partner is to pray for them.” (Matthew, 34:40)

We have three C’s that we think are kind of foundational commitment, communication, and conflict resolution, and you’ve got to start with commitment.” (Matthew, 41:31)


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