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Episode 40: Gaslighting

August 10, 2021

Host: Drew Canole


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Have you experienced gaslighting?

Today Drew dives into what gaslighting is and what to do when it happens to you. This episode is meant to leave you feeling empowered to stand in your truth when someone tries to gaslight you.

Gaslighting can be a tricky experience to pick up, especially early on. Drew walks through key phrases and actions that a gaslighter will do. And not only that, but he shares actionable tips on how to protect yourself around others.

Even if you feel as though you are surrounded by gaslighters, know that there are conscious humans here to support you. We are in this together!



  • How to be empowered and stand in your truth

  • Key phrases that people use when they are gaslighting you.

  • Raise your energy and gaslighters will not be around you and will not be called into your life.


When it seems like there’s a whole army of people that are illusion-based buying into this dream, that’s been casting on them, this narrative that makes absolutely no sense. And they’ll continue to downplay our own reality. And they’ll try to enroll you into their reality.” (6:42)

You are worth far more than being in a relationship with somebody who is reducing your psychological and emotional fortitude. Somebody who has the audacity to do that, isn’t somebody who really loves you. So it’s important for you to feel safe.” (7:20)

The collective consciousness of gas lighters is expanding. It’s at an all-time high. And with all of that turmoil, with all of that chaos, there’s the opposite side of the pendulum that’s swinging more and more people are waking up because of this.” (8:31)

The truth will always reveal itself and the truth will cast freedom.” (10:42)


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