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Episode 4: My Books and Mentors

April 19, 2021

In this episode of Drew & You, it’s all about the “greats” – authors who have served as mentors to Drew through the years and most especially over the past 11 years as he has retooled his life. The one thing these relationships all have in common? They are rooted in the wisdom of books. Join Drew in a celebration of the rich resources that are available to anyone willing to seek them out.

There are several messages woven through the books that have been most influential for Drew, one of the most prevalent being the power of the unconscious. Coming to awareness takes time and focus and, more than anything, solid guides to help inspire and inform along the way. Drew’s mentors range from the financial to the spiritual, the experiential to the cerebral. The list is long and includes noted thinkers like Wayne Dyer, Carlos Castenada, Richard Dawkins, Stuart Wilde, Tony Robbins and many others. This podcast informs you not only with must-read titles to explore but also Drew’s tips for how to be an active reader (or listener) cementing the messages so they’re available to apply going forward. The knowledge is out there for anyone willing to tap into the resources. All you need to do is have a willingness to embrace, adopt and apply what you learn.

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Authors have acted as mentors throughout Drew’s life.

Reading with intention has shaped not only Drew’s growth but also his ability to share important insights with others navigating on similar journeys.

How Drew Reads:

Starts with a quick scan, highlight things that pop.

Notes key takeaways and page numbers at the front of the book.

Take copious notes – to lock in what you’re reading.

Read 4-5 pages and if there’s nothing there, skip ahead to the next 5 and so on, gradually expanding to skip portions that don’t really land in the moment for what you need.

What it is to live a lucid life.

Drew shares specific books that radically shifted his perspective. (Links below.)

The power of prayer in healing – the soul you is the lived experience.

Upcoming: Let Drew know if you’d like a follow-up podcast featuring powerful business-oriented books he recommends.


“You’ve gotta work on the inner you first, before the outer you starts to shift.” (1:27)

“All these authors have literally poured their hearts and souls into these books that they’ve created.” (2:05)

“I don’t read to read. I read to learn. I read to teach.” (2:30)

“When I write it, I remember it. When I read it, sometime sit just goes out the window.” (3:12)

“Whatever I’m called on to read that day, I’m literally setting the intention for it.” (4:37)

“It’s such a beautiful thing when we start to slow down; when we start to see our growth, feel our growth before it manifests.” (7:52)

“If you don’t believe it’s possible or see that it could happen for you, then it’s never going to happen. So you gotta believe!” (10:38)

“Spontaneous healings are happening all the time, but we’re so locked into needing something external to heal the internal, where it’s actually the reverse.” (12:06)

“These books will help you establish your own personal power again and remind you of what you are.” (12:50)

We must change the way we look at ourselves before the way we look will ever take hold and affect our external situation.” (15:23)

“If we have individual transformation, then the whole world can change.” (16:48)

Further Resources/Links:

“Life was Never Meant to be a Struggle.” Stuart Wilde

“The Science of Getting Rich,” Wallace D. Wattles

“Outwitting the Devil,” Napoleon Hill

“Feeling is the Secret,” Neville Goddard

“Becoming Supernatural,” Joe Dispenza

“Science and Health,” by Mary Baker Eddy

“Psycho-Cybernetic Principles for Creative Living,” by Maxwell Maltz


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