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Episode 39: Reality Bending

August 5, 2021

Host: Drew Canole


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Are you ready to see yourself, and the world, in a new way?

Today Drew dives into bending your own reality in life and how to build up momentum and motivation to get what you want.

When you change the way you look at things, the way you look at things change. This famous saying by Wayne Dyer is a guiding principle in Drew’s conversation with you today. Every thought has limitless energy. Ask yourself, where do you want to create more energy?

If you think your emotions are holding you back, or you’re emotions are stuck within previous trauma, there is something here for you. Drew opens up on a recent emotional life experience and how he was able to both experience the emotions and also continue forward.

Drew shares practical actions you can take and resources to tap into in order to actually change your life for the better. You can accomplish any goal you dream up and it can all start here. Right now.  We are in this together my friend!



  • Thinking is the real work, the thought realm is where the juice is for the life you want to live.


  • Your beliefs dictate your future, what you believe you will receive. So it comes down to controlling what you believe.


  • What you believe, you receive. What you believe you perceive and what you perceive you receive.


  • Will power is the real-world gasoline that you can turn on in order to create.


  • Moving the body moves your stuck energy. Fuel your gut and you will fuel positive emotions.


  • Your words can destroy worlds…or they have the capacity to magical places. Choose wisely.



The more I started to shift my perspective, my beliefs started to change about what’s possible.” (0:40)

The only thing you can control is your thoughts. Thinking is the real work.” (1:10)

Anything going upstream is just resistance, and resistance essentially is futile, especially when it comes to creating our own reality.” (3:06)

If we sit and ruminate and we’re upset about something, we have to recognize that we have the willpower to change it in a second, we do that through our thoughts.“ (6:32)

Who are you in any moment, who you are can change in any single moment. Your vibration can change, and what you’re calling in can change at any moment.” (17:37)

In my own life, I built up motivation, momentum by changing what I believed about myself by indoctrinating my unconscious with more positive messages, which actually changed the way I talked to every single person that entered it.” (21:18)


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