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Episode 38: Tap Into The Power of Your Brain with Jonathan Rickert

August 3, 2021

Host: Drew Canole


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Are you meditating at your highest potential?

To start this week off, Drew talks with Jonathan Rickert a biofuel health and lifestyle coach, and founder of Quantum Yoga. Jonathan is deeply informed in neurofeedback, biofeedback, and electro-photonic imaging and is here to share a depth of knowledge on meditation and how to enter higher states of existence through the power of your mind.

The default mode network is a series of brain structures that are active during thought, and even when your mind is at rest. Jonathan shares three ways to this section of your brain turn on and off to increase your brain’s frequency of alpha.

Many people consider meditation to be all for your mind and focus, however, there are other avenues mediation creates. Jonathan dives into all things heart-activated meditation. This episode is a combination of science and conscious insight. Here is a conversation that will help you tap into both what your body is doing and how it feels.



  • Traditional meditation begins with focus and helps you steady your mind and reduce distractibility.
  • Heart-activated meditation exhibits gamma frequency in your mind.
  • The difference between each frequency (gamma, theta, alpha) in your mind and the value they hold.
  • Neurofeedback is a soft approach to train the brain to rewire itself based on its own learning and access.
  • The default mode network: what it does and how you can turn it on and off.
  • Yoga Nidra is an entire practice of being moved through various sensory experiences.
  • 5 different categories of meditation.
  • Personal practices for optimal mental and physical health: cold Plunge, Sauna, Biowell, Thera gun message, red light therapy.
  • Don Estes- sensorium device and project to build a dom with 40+ beds to create out of body experiences
  • Ibrahim Karem- build the bio geometry system to study how energy flows and harmonizes chi flow


It tells you immediately if you are doing the meditation, correct or not. And that is a big question that many people have” (30:04, Jonathan)

There’s a lot of conditioning that people are doing unconsciously going the opposite direction towards distractability.” (5:15, Jonathan)

So as the brains speed up, magical things start happening and they’re happening in different regions as well, different frequencies, but this is a very specific state experience. So these Tibet monks have this fast brain going on as a result of this heart practice.” (7:55, Jonathan)

There are actually cells in the temporal lobe that are producing the Schumann resonance and what these people are doing is that they’re connecting to the geomagnetic field of the earth to gather information.” (12:23, Jonathan)

You have basically a front and back node and two side nodes that are all networked together. And when anyone is having thoughts, this network is active. So, you can train that area to become inactive, and then you don’t have any thought or you have thought, but it’s out in the background to your side.” (21:33, Jonathan)

This also is a way that you can train heart activation because the vagus nerve is sending more information up to the brain than it is sending down to the heart from the brain. And so, when you start to invoke positive emotions, powerful, positive emotions, that will actually shift the brain into producing more alpha and then eventually gamma, which is what we see with the monks.” (33:59, Jonathan)

I think it’s very crucial to need somebody one-on-one and ask your soul, you know, is this person in alignment with my soul? Like, should I be following what they’re telling me? “(38:26, Drew)

It’s really the small things. I believe that makes the biggest difference in our life that we have such a hard time following at times. “ (40:00, Drew)


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