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Episode 34: Rewilding Yourself with Bridget Nielsen

July 19, 2021

Host: Drew Canole


Are you avoidant or dismissive of your emotions? 

Join Drew as he sits down with Bridget Nielsen to talk through star seeds, multidimensional health, and how to reconnect to your divine energy. Bridget is an intuitive, artist, speaker, and Podcaster here to share how to rewild yourself.

Bridget and Drew walk through how they have both uniquely connected to their aliveness, emotional life, and spiritual essence. Their conversation weaves through deep topics like ancestral work, mirror work, and clairvoyance. 

Humanity is in need of great shifts. Bridget walks through the top ways you can shift yourself for higher consciousness and existence. While most of this is done during the day, your sleeping hours are just as powerful. Tune in to hear three questions to ask yourself before you fall asleep in order to optimize Dreamtime.

This is a very eye-opening conversation that dives into the depths of dreams, experiencing superpowers and so much more. Sink in and soak up what Drew and Bridget have to share!



  • Our bodies are spaceships to great experiences and emotional connections.
  • The power of placing yourself in nature is beyond quieting your mind, it has the capacity to move you wildly.
  • Lucid dreaming can flow into lucid living.
  • Mirror work has the ability to alter your self-worth and in part, raise those around you. 
  • Morphogenetic fields: what they are, how you can adjust them, and the impact they have on your life experience.


“Being human is incredible. I think it’s something that we’ve tried to push away and we want to not admit that we are, but the more that we do, we realize that this body is like a spaceship” (4:37, Bridget) 

“I think there is a lot of false light. I think there’s a lot of spiritual bypassing.Tuning into our inner knowing because we, our own gurus, nobody’s going to save you. You have to save yourself. Heaven is within you. “ (22:11, Drew)

“I think it’s important to note that like straight-up contact. Alien energy can be very much so interfaced, like right here in your spaceship.“ (33:28, Bridget)

“It’s simply that there’s an energetic in training. Um, that has energy on all levels. Like a spiritual thought, uh, emotional thought, a physical thought in its energetic field. And that would be like a morphogenetic field.” (35:44, Bridget)

“You’re choosing a choice, a choice point. To add to your morphogenetic field of who you think you are energetically and you’re also increasing or magnetic field. Yes. And I believe the soul actually exists in the magnetic field.” (37:55, Drew)


Where You Can Find Bridget Nielsen:

Wild and Awake Podcast

Instagram: @bridgenielsen

SONG: The Lost Words Blessing by Spell Song

Further Resources/Links:

Anastacia by V Meger


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