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Episode 33: What To Do if Meditation Is Hard For You

July 14, 2021

Host: Drew Canole


Do you feel uncomfortable when you try to meditate?

Drew talks about all thing’s meditation in this solo episode. Whether you have been meditating for years or you are sitting down for the first time, there is value in this podcast.

Meditation holds many keys for you, and while it is difficult to sit down on a cushion and find stillness, that isn’t the only way to meditate. In this episode, Drew shares an alternative perspective on when, how, and why to meditate. You don’t want to miss this.

There is a certain level of magic when you set intentions for your day and life. Drew offers up how meditation can help you determine what intentions are deep within your soul and how to set them.

The most powerful place to be is in this present moment. Here’s a moment for you.



  • Overtime, set the intention that you are already a great meditator, and meditation will become easier.
  • When you are able to step into a flow state meditation becomes seamless and possible. Take part in activities and actions that set you into a state of flow.
  • Allow meditation into your life as a way to reconnect to who you are and create intentions for your day and life.
  • Meditation is for you and no one else. 


“Whatever brings you joy in the moment and pulls you to the present moment, the eternal now space, I would consider actually meditation because meditation muscles are developed when there’s no mind presence.” (1:05)

“Significant in the world is running so strong right now. We feel significant through what we’re doing. And we’ve been in this program that has created this feeling of significance through the likes we get on social media, through the people that follow us, through the people we have on our podcast, the interviews that we do through the people we’re connected to, through the things that we own. Those are all cages of the mind.” (2:59)

“I believe meditation is a state of being. It’s not something that I do.” (4:54)

“You are powerful beyond measure. You are an infinite being. You no longer are a mortal mind, rolling the earth as a lonely soul. You are all life.” (7:48)

“We want to be significant. We want to be better than our neighbors. And really the goal whole goal is to love your neighbor as yourself, I believe.” (9:53)


Further Resources/Links:

Yes, And Daily Meditations by Thomas Merton

The Intention Experiment by Lynne McTaggart

Handbook to Higher Consciousness by Ken Keyes


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