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Episode 32: Unlocking Your Creativity

July 12, 2021

Host: Drew Canole


What do you dream about creating, but haven’t yet?

In this episode, Drew opens up on how to be creative and get in touch with the artist that lives within you already.

One of the best times of day to connect with your creative vessel is in the morning. Drew walks through his personal dos and don’ts for the beginning of the day. Part of this morning routine means breaking up your routine. When you begin to experience daily life from different perspectives you will find an influx of creative potential. Listen in for ideas on how to break up your day.

You are a creator and an artist. Take action on the idea that percolates deep within you. Start today. Let’s co-create together!


  • Realizing your artistic vision is already done will help you bring it to life.
  • Connect to something that’s outside of what you would call your limited personality or your ego.
  • Put away your digital devices to keep your creativity sacred, especially at the beginning of the day.
  • Resist the urge to compete, instead seek cooperation with those around you.
  • Creativity requires trying new things every single day. 
  • -Foster your self-worth to believe you can create what elements already live within you.


“Realize whatever your dream, whatever your goal, whatever you’re inspired to create has already been created in the formless substance. And it’s making its way to you now.” (00:44)

“When you identify as being the owner of anything, it’s actually a limitation.” (2:00)

“Science is proving that a lot of this social validation, this need to be like this need for significance with these social media platforms. Takes away our desire and our need to form real-world connection.” (3:45)

“You got to think about being in the present moment when it’s creative, you can’t be in the past. You can’t be in the field.” (6:26)

“Imagine your idea and the dream of what you’ve created, impacting other people so much that they’re sending you emails. They’re reaching out to you.“ (9:43)


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