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Episode 31: Breaking Free from Imposter Syndrome

July 9, 2021

Host: Drew Canole


Do you feel like you aren’t good enough to reach your dreams?

Regardless of how successful you are, imposter syndrome is something most people experience. Not sure what this is…imposter syndrome is the persistent fear of being exposed as a fraud or an inability to internalize accomplishments. 

Drew shares his own experience of being an imposter within his journey of building a 100 person business and then offers actionable tips you can apply to shift your beliefs and step into greatness. Once you step into full calibration, your life can become effortless. 

It can be so easy to get caught up in comparing yourself and your accomplishments to those around you, or ahead of you. But this is will only feed your imposter syndrome. Drew offers strategies to accomplish what you want, instead of comparing yourself to others, each day.

Whether you are exploring a new venture, or simply wanting to have more confidence, this episode has something for you!



  • Where imposter syndrome stems from within your life, what it actually is and how to move beyond it.
  • The unconscious impressions on our minds heavily dictate the beliefs we hold around our abilities and worth.
  • Self-hypnosis has the capacity to powerfully shift your beliefs.
  • Consistently reaffirm your self-worth.
  • Comparison is everywhere, and while there are people doing great things, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t start.
  • The competitive society doesn’t have to exist, instead of fighting your competitors, help each other out and both grow.
  • It is hard to have imposter syndrome when you know what is walking on the left and right of you every day.


“There’s always this journey of more, this dopamine-centric society that we live in of, you need more of this, you need more of that.” (3:05)

“Get still and let those feelings, you know, identify the feelings. What is it? And then once you have the awareness of it, take it away.“ (6:54)

“Your perception of failure completely shifts. The more centered, the more neutral you become.” (9:59)

“You have your own identity. You’re not some cookie-cutter on an assembly line. You can put your own spin on anything that you do. So. And remember every single person was in your place at one point. So regardless of the challenges and the struggles that they were up against, they had to overcome it as well.” (13:12)

“People want to help people, especially genuine people that believe in them” (15:13)

“Oftentimes we try to fix feelings and we can’t fix feelings” (15:58)

“You are the director. You’re the actor, you’re the orchestra playing the music. You’re the story, the plot, the narrative, you are the all of your life experience.” (18:46)


Further Resources/Links:

Glen Harold 852Hz Meditation

Ascension Leadership Academy

Life Was Never Meant to be a Struggle by Stewart Wilde


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