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Episode 30: How to be a Kind Badass

July 7, 2021

Host: Drew Canole


Are you a people pleaser? 

We live in a society filled with individuals afraid to express themselves or say no when needed. This very people-pleasing way of life may be causing strain on your potential. Listen in to learn how to let go, release emotions or grudges and become a kind badass!

If you hold yourself back from giving feedback or sharing your authentic perspective, Drew reveals what you are missing by not sharing. It can be challenging to stand up for yourself or speak your truth. But, here is where Drew walks through a formula for sharing in a way that feels easy and is smooth for both parties to digest. 

It’s time to lean in to where your edge lies and see what the universe rewards you with in return. This quick episode is packed with personal stories and a playful voice from your host Drew, you don’t want to miss it!



  • How to be both a kind and strong warrior/sorceress.
  • Resentment may build up when you are always in service of pleasing others.
  • People care about how you make them feel, not what you say. Take notice of the way you make yourself and others feel.
  • When you choose to give feedback is just as important as what you choose to say.
  • What happens when you hold on to resentment or feelings with others.


“We have what is called this virus, running rampant in the program of the human reality in which we’re living in that is called, Oh, I’m a people pleaser.” (00:20)

“Love doesn’t have to look like this people-pleasing kind person all the time. Love can actually be a wicked demonstration of standing for a person. It can be solid feedback. It can be a motivation that comes from within and talking to the person as if they are you.“ (2:20)

“Love looks like not like letting people get away from their soul’s mission, their soul’s calling so that they can be the bigger, brighter version of who they are.” (3:17)

“Being a kind bad-ass looks like feet grounded into the earth, arms, open, open posture, shoulders rolled back, head up eyes, looking directly into the eyes of the other human.” (4:03)


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