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Episode 29: 4 Realms of Health For Better Living

July 5, 2021

Host: Drew Canole


Where is your health lacking?

Drew dives straight in on this episode to share the 4 main aspects of health that people often neglect. 

The first aspect is all about your lymphatic system. It isn’t as complicated as it may sound. Drew shares one very powerful, yet fun, action you can take to boost your overall health and improve your lymphatic system.

Do you have a trash can in your mind? The reality is, you have 50 to 80,000 thoughts within a day and it is up to you to become the director of your thoughts, and your life. Listen in to learn how to shift from being a slave to your thoughts to manage and control them yourself. This is one of the pathways to having lifelong health beyond what you eat and drink. 

Honor your health today by focusing on these four health components my friends!

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  • Take inventory of the water that you are drinking, how much water you consume, and how you feel about water in general.
  • Prioritize your lymphatic system every day to boost your overall health and well-being. 
  • The biology of belief changes your physical being to improve your health and human capacity. 
  • Your thoughts drive your actions and by default, your life. Whether you can control them or allow them to control you may be dictating your future.
  • Elemental medicine has the capacity to remind us how insignificant the problems that we have really are. 


Most people are dehydrated, especially in America and their drinking water. That’s not structured. They’re drinking water that has minerals that are actually damaging their body and, they don’t have good water systems in their home.” (00:46)

“We’ve become so disconnected from water that we’ve become disconnected from ourselves.” (1:30)

“When you make one healthy decision at the beginning of the day, like drinking green juice, you’re literally going to, uh, there’s a percent statistical chance that’s greater that you’re going to choose better things throughout the day as well.” (2:52)

“You can start to think things that fuel your physical, biological body and actually have real health. I’m talking about being stronger than you ever have in your life.“ (6:23)

“The next time you’re stressed out, go out in nature and just connect to that elemental medicine.” (11:58)


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