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Episode 28: Yoga of Nutrition

July 2, 2021

Host: Drew Canole


How often do you eat quickly or unconsciously?

This episode is all about the yoga of nutrition, a practice you will want to add to your life. Drew shares what he has experienced as a result of regularly practicing the yoga of nutrition and how you can reshape through something so simple, yet profound. 

Not only does this type of yoga transform your experience during meals it has the power to change your physical shape and overall health.

This episode isn’t only about food, Drew discusses the relationship we have with water and how disconnection to this power source may be impacting your life and the world at large.

For the next 7 days, give it a try, use your mealtime as an opportunity to become still, silent, and observe what is going on around and within you. Drew will give away a 30 day supply of Organifi to someone that DMs him after completing 7 days of this practice!

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  • Silence is a sign of intelligence. 
  • Take time to give reverence to your food, to smell what you are about to eat, and soak in where it came from before you eat.
  • The more aware you become, the less food you eat or need to eat.
  • If you can sit in full presence over a meal, consider how much more present you can be for those around you: loved ones, kids, coworkers.
  • You are what you absorb and you are what you eat absorbs.


“Eating became an exercise of meditation versus just throwing food into our bodies.” (2:27)

“When we get still, when we give reverence for the plants, for the animals, for the mineral kingdom, as we eat in stillness, it’s like into a flower opening up in its essence, its spiritual essence starts to come.” (3:18)

“After doing this for seven days in the south of France, my awareness opened up, my connection to life opened up. At a few of the meals I cried. I had tears coming out of my eyes for just how much I took the food for granted.” (5:07)

“So many people have all these diverse conditions, diseases, all kinds of discord in the body. And I believe if we stopped and we had great care for the choices that we’re putting in our mouth, because what we eat. You are what you eat. You are what you absorb you are what you eat absorbs.” (7:10)

“How you do one thing is how you do everything. We’ve heard that before. And if somebody can sit in presence over a 30-minute meal, think about how much more present we can be with the people we love.” (10:31)

“When we start living. In accordance with mother nature. Those are natural laws for evolution start to exist in our soul and our etheric body, because we become connected to everything.” (12:53)

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Yoga of Nutrition by Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov


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