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Episode 26: Giving Away Your Personal Power

June 28, 2021

Host: Drew Canole


What is taking control of your power?

In this episode, Drew talks about giving away your personal power, how we let it happen and how to end this cycle of control in your life.

Often we think of power within a few boxes, be it your boss, your job, or family obligations. But there are far more ways your power could be compromised. Did you think caffeine could control your power? How about your internal thoughts?

The number of modalities that can consume our personal power can be overwhelming. Yet, here is where Drew offers up a handful of practices you can implement to pull yourself into the present and take back your power. A quick episode packed with a punch of value. Let’s own our power, my friends!

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The impact of immediately looking at your phone upon waking up each morning.

Tracking devices for physical performance and health are great for understanding yourself more clearly and yet have the capacity to control aspects of your life.

Check-in with yourself often throughout the day. Pause, breathe and turn inward to understand what you need.

Take inventory of the people in your life to know who is an energy vampire or who feeds your light.

Fly above your day as if you are an Eagle observing it.

Become unconsciously competent throughout the day when we’re leaking energy.



“We can give away our personal power when we’re, um, tracking everything. And we’re letting that dictate our energy throughout the day as well.” (1:24)

“Maybe you’re addicted to caffeine or coffee, and you’ve had a little bit too much coffee. So you give your personal power away by having more and more.” (2:27)

“Your environment of the people that you hang around with is super important to your personal power there are givers and there are takers. There are time earners, there are time burners.” (3:11)

“The mind is a tool to be used. It’s not something to control you. Far too many people are controlled by their mind, and it takes away their personal power.” (5:28)

“You can control your mind and you can control the amount of personal power that you have as you go throughout the day. Ask your unconscious before you go to bed to show you ways to conserve and build and grow your power as the next day goes on.” (5:41)

“When you can start tapping into that creative energy, that creates worlds, you can start beating your drum and breaking away from the mundane TikTok society in which a lot of people can get trapped in.” (6:47)


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