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Episode 22: Four Ways to Discover Yourself and Live Bigger

June 11, 2021

Host: Drew Canole


Who are you, really?

Connecting to yourself can be surprisingly difficult. On this episode, Drew walks through 4 things you can use in your life right now to discover who you are and start living bigger than you could ever imagine.

When you go to sleep tonight, pay attention to what your final thoughts are. When you can become the creator of your thoughts, you can experience a higher level of consciousness within yourself. Not sure how to do this? Within this episode, Drew shares specific ways he determines his thoughts daily.

Daydreams can be amazing, and also distract you from being in the present. If you often find your mind wandering into the future, or hovering in the past, Drew offers a powerful exercise you can complete over the next 30 days to take hold of your emotions, and pull the positive dreams of your future into the present.

Whether you are looking to overcome toxic positivity, live in the moment more, or take better care of your body, Drew shares something small and impactful you can start doing right NOW!

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– 4 things you can do in your life to discover who you are. Every day we have new experiences that are here to teach us something and raise our consciousness.

– Get outside of yourself and help others to improve mastery of your own life.

– Become a witness to your thoughts. They are the vibration that creates your reality.
Before you go to sleep at night, take notice of your final thoughts of the day. This will impact what you experience in the dream world and what lessons come to you in your sleep state.

– Observe without attachment. Observe without the desire for more.

– Begin to master your physical body every single day to feel better, and therefore do more of what you love.

– Don’t sit in the muck. If you are feeling emotions get up and move them, feel them and breathe within and through them.


“We are here to allow that divine spark that is in us, that soul to shine through day in and day out. And the more lessons we go through, the more teachings that we acquire, the more we raise our consciousness, the better it is.” (1:51)

“You actually want to be as a neutral, neutral is right in the middle. So if it’s positive and it’s in the future, it doesn’t matter if it’s good. It doesn’t matter if it’s bad and it’s in the past or good in the past, you’re still in the teeter-totter. To be in neutral is where God is. To be in neutral is where the light is.” (7:45)

“The more living raw food that I was eating at the time, drinking copious amounts of green juice versus the processed food, the sugar, the dairy, the wheat, the things that I had small intolerances to, I began to notice my subtle energy bodies more. “ (9:32)

“If you have a discord and energy pattern or there’s an emotion or there’s sadness or there’s healing that gets to occur, and you’re not allowing it, you’re not allowing yourself to heal. Get up and move.” (10:56)

“Eliminate emotional ties, emotions, stop us from seeing clearly.” (12:10)

“The more you come alive, the more other people will come alive around you and bear, witness to your magnificence and then shine their own gifts and their own light frequency out into the world.” (13:16)

Further Resources/Links:

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