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Episode 21: Finding your Frequency

June 2, 2021

Host: Drew Canole


Do you feel lost in your daily life or, like you are losing energy?

In this episode, Drew walks through tools, tips, and strategies to build up your momentum and energy. This is a process that will connect you to the deeper version of yourself and your soul.

The first step Drew shares is all about recognizing the energy you are experiencing at the moment and allowing it to be present. From here, you can use this feeling as a travel guide for where to go next and how to shift this sensation energetically.

It is time to no longer view the world through the lens of lack! Just like driving a car, where you spend your time looking and thinking is where you will head. Drew shares steps on how to move your thoughts and perspective to view the world through a clearer lens. The final tip for insight may be the hardest to embody, especially if you are anything like Drew. But, this action can be the biggest opportunity for change. Listen in the learn more!

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  • Time for we frequency versus me frequency

  • It is okay to be okay. Lean into the emotion that presenting itself to you at the moment instead of forcing positive energy or an everything is an awesome mentality.

  • Have a conversation with your inner child to offer support, life, and a listening ear to his/her voice.

  • Use loneliness as a guide to get back on track to found frequency. 

  • Most people fall off ambition by the time they are 40.

  • Write yourself a letter of gratitude to shift your perspective and watch what
    happens. Offer up words of affirmation towards others and see what happens in your life.

  • Journal as though you are your past self, and then journal as though you are your future self.


“What is the sorrow here to teach me like a lover that you left behind in the past? And now it’s here to show its face again, this beautiful face of sorrow pain.” (3:27)

“We’re taking a break from the avatar like the avatar has lost itself in the personality or the EDD and we’ve, we’re, we’re more me expressed versus soul expressed versus we expression.” (05:29)

“Realized that feeling lost helps you face the truth.” (6:26)

“If we’re feeling lost, then we’re looking through the lens of lack. We’re looking through the lens of maybe it’s scarcity. We’re looking through the lens of the right opportunity. Hasn’t come into my life. We’re looking through the lens of maybe this person that I work for.” (09:27)

“How are you thinking on a daily basis about what you actually want to create? When’s the last time you spent 30 minutes thinking about what you wanted to create.

People are sloppy with their thoughts. They’re watching Netflix for four hours a night.

“ (11:02)


Further Resources/Links:

The Secret of the Ages by Robert Collier

No Man Is An Island by Thomas Merton


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