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Episode 20: Choice Points

June 1, 2021

Host: Drew Canole


Are you living in reaction?

It can be easy to fall into patterns of reaction instead of living from a point of recognition. And it doesn’t feel good to stay here! In this episode, Drew talks about your choice point, and those individual moments each day to declare freedom in your life, be it freedom from a relationship, energy, or a state of mind.

it is possible to stop being stuck in a loop of fear, trauma, reaction, or anything that causes emotion to replay. Drew shares how to stop this loop and go in a new direction. So much of this comes down to the connection with how you feel

Be it in your personal relationships, your career, or even how you approach fitness, Drew shares examples of how he works through different choice points to live a life filled with purpose and love.

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  • Love is one of the highest vibrational frequencies we have, begin to notice how you can give more of it each day.
  • The choices you make all day impact how you feel in your body.
  • Allow the emotion that runs through you to be let out and pass through you. Move this emotion out of your body to feel light.
  • The vibration of our words carries a signature and they impact everything around us. Instead of going down the rabbit hole of doom and despair, make a conscious choice point to shift and break the loop, break the scarcity.



“When we graduate from being the actor, we start to become the director in our life. And then we start to become the observer and then we become awareness.” (01:05)

“So the choice point is an individual moment to choose love and love is one of the highest vibrational frequencies we have.” (02:36)

“The worst thing we can do is hold on to anger, resentment, feeling bitterness in our heart.” (04:50)

“If you don’t want to come back in the matrix at the end of this life, you don’t want to be scrambled up and plugged back in. Then all you need to do is remember that this isn’t a dream that you’re waking up from it, the awakened dream, the sacred dream.” (06:05)

“Don’t be concerned with the past. Don’t be concerned with the future. Be here in this eternal now moment and use your choice point wisely because they all add up. “ (07:27)

“Before you’re ever a billionaire, you gotta become an emotional billionaire and feeling it is the secret” (07:41)

“Be the person that’s responding, not reacting in the choice point in your whole entire business will change. People will feel valued. They’ll feel cared for. They’ll feel more love, and that’s what the world needs more of right now.“ (12:37)


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