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Episode 19: How to be Adaptable

May 28, 2021

Host: Drew Canole

How easily do you adjust in a room filled with new people?


Disregard survival of the fittest, it is all about survival of the most adaptable! In this episode, Drew walks through why being adaptable is key to survival, and living a joyful life. He also walks through the 5 ways to be the most adaptable person in the room.

Becoming adaptable often involves how you are related to existence within your environment. But, it isn’t just the physical environment you are within. Listen in to hear how to adjust the various environments, be it physical, mental and emotional to enhance your adaptability.

You are already whole and enough. By being more adaptable you open the possibility to radiating further into the world.

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  • Begin to view life as a game, and enjoy the journey it holds. This mindset shift is how you can enter a state of stillness more freely and easily.
  • Life is meant to be easy. Shake of that serious energy you may be holding onto.
  • Begin to look for alternative and different ways to approach life and any struggles or issues that may arise- adapting looks like creating new pathways to create solutions.
  • To know thyself is to be known. Learning about the world and yourself will enable you to become more adaptable and live a fuller life.
  • Invest in your education. By reading and learning more you are enabling your source for adapting from a state of awareness and knowledge.


“Can you meet tomorrow at 12:30 CDT? To set up interview” (00:36)

“Any room that I enter into, it doesn’t matter how many people are in the room. I go in mentally first and I imagine what it feels like to bless every single human being I come in contact with, but not from the Drew personality, from the divine manifestation of source.” (02:35)

“Get a handle on your willpower muscles, your intention, muscles, and you can change your thoughts. You can change your reality. You can change your beliefs. You can be beyond your beliefs. You can create anything that you want in this life. And one of the things as universal truths is you or the only person in this universe sit with that.” (05:05)

“You want to be adaptable. You’ve got to take more risks.” (05:36)

“Life is really short. It’s a breath into eternity and it’s gone. So what risks can I take today? Who’s that person that I haven’t called in a while. Who do I need to forgive? What do I need to let go of? “ (06:02)

“It’s not how many years you can live on this planet, but how alive can you live in each one of those years” (06:35)

“Readers are leaders.” (7:27)

“The greatest thing we can understand and embrace learning is to actually turn within and understand who you are.“ (8:28)

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