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Episode 17: Increasing the Vibrational Drip

May 24, 2021

Is money a conversation topic you avoid at all costs, or do you find yourself waking up each morning already stressed about paying your bills?

Host: Drew Canole


Either way, it doesn’t have to be this way. Today, you and Drew will eliminate and eradicate scarcity, poverty thinking and learn how to control a new program of thought. This episode can drastically alter your perception of life. Change can be sudden, and it is here for you.

How you can increase your vibration and energy begins with noticing and removing the beliefs that are holding you back. Elimination, before addition. There are a handful of thoughts, actions, and tangibles you can remove from your life today to become more wealthy. Tune in to hear what exactly they are.

Ask yourself: what are the beliefs that might be holding you back? In this episode, Drew shares a few key beliefs that may be driving your financial thoughts, and then, debunks them for you.

Adjusting your environment is one of the key shifts you must take to adjust your relationship with money. Drew shares a few examples of how he started to make changes that you can do today, even if you don’t have an overflowing bank account.

It’s time to light up your scarcity consciousness!

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  • The acronym from MONEY (Making My Own Natural Energy yield).
  • The reality of the connection between happiness and money. Consider this, money can’t buy happiness, but neither can being poor.
  • Abundance comes in the smallest forms, and it is through your perceived abundance
  • Your environment controls your unconscious mind, and often you must break free from your environment to change your beliefs.
  • When you expand, you create more space to receive.
  • As you begin to shift, those around you may not feel comfortable noticing or feeling your change. But don’t allow this to halt your growth and evolution.


“We have to eliminate the beliefs that are holding us in a stronghold or a grid into a vibration that’s attracting the opposite.” (1:21)

“Everything that you have is the sum total of the thinking and the feeling more importantly, that you’ve created in the moment now.” (1:30)

“It’s a lot easier to be happy when all of your bills are taken care of.” (3:06)

“You’re seeking what you are and what you are is seeking you.” (3:52)

“Abundance can be found in the smallest acts and the smallest ways. And the more that I have, the more that I can give, the more that I can give, the more impact I can make and the more impact that I can make, the more reverence I will have for this life.” (7:40)

“If you’re not seeing abundance show up in a way that you’d like to see it, you have to change your unconscious mind” (12:41)

“The more you do the self care, the more health care you have, and the more energy your body has, the more vibration you can hold and carry around with you.” (17:20)


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