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Episode 15: How to Stay More Connected to Your Soul

May 19, 2021

Host: Drew Canole


Are you tired of feeling like things around you are doom and gloom?

This episode is ALL about ways to raise your frequency. But first, you will learn why this matters, and what raising your frequency will do for your life and goals.

There is a large numbness falling over humanity, but you can find ways to reconnect with the joy and the beauty that lives around you. In this episode, Drew breaks down 9 ways he does this, even as someone who has an online platform. Some may sound simple, such as being properly hydrated, but Drew goes deep into how you can even change the water you drink to raise your frequency.

While you are one being, many facets and components create your energy and way of existence. Here are the 9 actions you can take today to raise your frequency and step out and up into an elevated state of living:

1. Change your environment
2. Check in with your thoughts
3. Appreciate the beauty
4. Adjust what you are consuming
5. Prioritize proper hydration
6. Practice meditation
7. Spend time in gratitude
8. Practice acts of kindness
9. Embody movement into your day.

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On an unconscious level, reverse the idea that you are not enough so that your baseline frequency will rise.

If your environment isn’t positive or aligned, you will struggle to raise your frequency.

You must change your environment to increase your energy.

The more goodness you add into your life, the stronger your frequency will become.

What you put into your body has a direct correlation to your vibrational frequency, be mindful of what foods you consume and what water you are drinking every day.

When you practice gratitude the energetic storm will lessen and your frequency will rise.


“So it’s changing the environment of what we’re putting in our body, the microbiome, the precious in our outer world.” (3:08)

“There’s so much goodness. And when we just step in and we start to observe it, when we really start to embody the beauty, everything starts to shift and change and raise our energy.” (5:18)

“There are two types of people. There are people where you put a glass of water in front of them, and then the water runs from them. And there’s people where the water turns towards them.” (8:15)

“It’s through the rampage of appreciation and the gratitude that brings us back on track to what we’re creating in this life.” (10:56)

“There’s no way you can out-give yourself in the universe that we live in.“ (12:03)

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