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Episode 12: How to Create your own Reality

May 12, 2021

Host: Drew Canole


What is real in your life today?

Prepare yourself for an insightful episode. This week, Drew starts things off by walking through his experiences with lucid dreaming, that is, the capacity to navigate and exist awake within your sleeping state. If you are wondering what the value is in this ability, be sure to listen in!

When it comes to making a rapid change in your life, your beliefs will determine where you grow or get stuck. It all comes down to removing beliefs, shifting your mind, and being open to the power that lives within the emptiness, the void.

Life can lead you to think you must always gather more (more money, status, power, friends…). But, this often leaves you with a sense of never being enough or, in a constant state of exhaustion. Drew shares actionable tips and mindset shifts to move you from gathering to being. One of these tips is a strong mantra that you can ask yourself every day to uplevel and refine your reality. 

Whether you are looking to make a big change in your life, or better understand the cosmos of the world, Drew has something here for you.

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  • Lucid dreaming is a state where you become aware that you are dreaming and gain control over the dream environment and narrative.
  • Surround yourself with people that believe in a way that you want to believe.
  • Here are a handful of hacks to begin lucid dreaming and why it is valuable.
  • Shammonek death is done by removing old beliefs until there are no beliefs left.
  • Reality is a reflection of what and who you are, yet realizing that this can shift.
  • Reality creation is demonstrating the highest level of the timeline you want to operate on.


“I think that’s the journey, getting to a place where the identity doesn’t need anything from this world this Maya, this illusion.” (8:55)

“If you watch Mother Nature’s current, there’s a currency that runs in between all living things and currencies.” (11:40)

“What you perceive becomes what you receive, and reality is just a reflection of what and who you are.” (12:24)

“It doesn’t matter who you were yesterday, because your vibration can change, your energy frequency can shift. So make a decision to change in any moment.” (12:33)

“There is no separation, there is no disguise. You are absorbed into the infinite.” (15:17)

“Smile and the whole world smiles back at you. That is reality creation.” (21:04)

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