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Episode 10: Rocket Fuel Integrator Visionary

May 7, 2021

Host: Drew Canole


Are you stuck in the state of always doing yet never feel completely fulfilled? 

On this week’s episode, Drew dives into two unique roles that, when placed together, will create harmony within your business and your life: the integrator and the visionary. 

Entrepreneurs often identify as visionaries, yet deeply benefit from working alongside an integrator. To work well together, you must understand each other. This podcast outlines what both roles think about, take action on, value, and enjoy exploring.

When it comes time to hire your first integrator, there are key skill sets and values to look for. Don’t worry, Drew walks through what these are, how to spot them, and even shares his personal experience of hiring his first Chief of Staff at Organifi.

If you want your business to have a strong foundation for innovative ideas and efficient execution, you need both roles stepping up to bat. Here lies not only the value these roles play together but how you can leverage one another to create massive lasting movement. 

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  • Both an Integrator and a Visionary are needed to build healthy business collaboration. It’s time to focus on which of these roles may be missing or out of balance in your business.
  • Identify the unique differences and natural gifts of both an Integrator and a Visionary.
  • Hiring an integrator is a precise process, Drew shares steps to hiring the top talent that will modulate and take your business to the next level.
  • How to stay ahead of your industry without giving your integration teams whiplash from moving quickly between projects. This management is key to retaining employee engagement and support for the visionary’s ideas.
  • Leverage the Kolbe Index test to identify where employees fall between these two key roles and what skills they will bring to your team.
  • Your right-hand partner is a relationship, a professional marriage; understanding how they communicate and what they value is key to retaining connection.
  • Differences and polarity within how team members operate and view the world can bring exponential value to your business if manicured properly.


“The integrator is the person that’s basically at the helm of the ship. They’re the person that’s guiding, that’s directing, that’s setting up the infrastructure. And they’re also responsible for allowing the visionary to step in and get on the same page.” (3:39)

“Setting the circadian rhythm of the business is super important. Like into the biology of our body, it’s important to have a circadian rhythm, the same is true within your business.” (5:50)

We appointed a KPI to every single person in the business so that they have something to track, something that’s measurable. If you’re not measuring it, it can’t be tracked. If you’re not measuring it, it can’t exist. In God we trust and all others bring the data.” (8:52)

“What you really want to do is fan the flame of the visionary. Anybody that’s bringing visions in the whole entire company, I’ve seen so many company fires get extinguished when somebody stops on the fire of the ideas. So, make sure you’re fanning the flame with the people that are bringing the visions, and the ideas to the company. (10:01)

“The integrator is the symphony orchestra conductor. While the visionary is coming up with future music that’s never been heard.” (10:53)

Further Resources/Links:

Rocket Fuel By Mark Winters & Gino Wickman

Getting the Love You Want by Harville Hendricks & Helen Hunt

Traction: Get a Grip on Your Business By Gino Wickman

The One Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results by Gary Keller & Jay Papasan

The Gene Keys: Embracing Your Higher Purpose by Richard Rudd

Human Design- Jovian Chart

Kolbe Test


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